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SafeSurveillance Systems

The SafeSurveillance initiative began in 2018 at the First International Conference on Global Security (ICGS) convened in Helsinki, Finland. There, 68 member nations voted to launch the Ubiquitous Vision Enterprise, an unprecedented international effort to create an expansive network of sentinel cameras linked to a common deep-learning computer system.

Made possible through PaperCam™, a Visible Future Corporation (VFC) technology, proliferation of the tiny, unobtrusive cameras quickly took hold.

Today, more than 75 million pCams™ have been linked together in a continuous network around the world. From homes to businesses to public spaces, PaperCam technology provides comprehensive personal convenience, and security for the world.

How it works

pCams utilize patented VFC micro-optic technology to not only capture clear, wide-angle imagery but also transmit that imagery to 14 VFC data centers across the globe—or to your personal smart device.

Functioning in a mesh configuration, each pCam emits a low frequency signal until it finds the nearest companion pCam (up to 15 meters) and each device links to its nearest neighbor. The more devices  contributing to the mesh, the greater is the integrity of the network. Multiple devices in near proximity can work together to create a unified 360° panorama allowing for virtual explorations around the world.

Safe for you

The SafeSurveillance mesh network is monitored by deep-learning artificial intelligence. No human will ever watch you. VFC data center computers with deep- learning algorithms, collect vast amounts of behavioral and facial recognition data to quickly identify behavioral errata: situations that are not as they should be.

Safe for your family

Status quo scenarios are based on a database of trillions of normal human interactions.  For example, a stranger enters your home late at night. The data center instantly identifies that the intruder is not among your family or friends, combines it with the data point of late-night entry and suspicious behavior and immediately alerts the authorities while simultaneously alerting your personal device. Everything from sudden violent actions to more subtle uncharacteristic or incongruous actions is all quickly authenticated before moving to alert mode. Meanwhile, normal, everyday life continues to strengthen algorithmic integrity.



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